Taking the quest for wisdom seriously

The ancient philosophers dedicated their lives to discovering what kind of person one could become as a result of taking the quest for wisdom seriously. For many of us in contemporary times the possibility of inquiring this way never arises, so absorbed are we in the busyness and business of our lives.

So wonder, for a moment, what it would take to dedicate yourself seriously to cultivating wisdom, alongside the other commitments of your everyday life.

What would you read?
Who would you spend your time with?
Who would you have conversations with? About what?
How would you make choices about your time?
What practices, activities would you take up?
Which of your many distractions and diversions would you put down?

And if you were to dedicate yourself to the pursuit and expression of wisdom, in word and deed, what new, life changing possibilities would emerge for you and those around you?

If you’re not cultivating wisdom through the way you’re living your life, what are you cultivating? It’s bound to be something. Is it what you intend?

Image: By böhringer friedrich (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons