What are you running from?

Most of the time we’re running, doing whatever we can to avoid experiencing the anxiety and fear that are an inevitable part of living. 

Do you really need to check your emails on the train, at the bus stop, while we’re talking, in the bathroom, as you’re about to begin a new project, instead of calling me, when you get home, while you’re putting the children to bed? Is reading the latest tweet or news headline as important as you make it out to be? Or are you just numbing yourself, falling into the soft reassuring glow of the screen, longing for the message that will soothe you, save you, make everything alright again?

Over time, your habits of disconnection render the world a shadow of itself, dull your relationships, and blunt the sharp sword of your contribution. It might not look like it, but given enough repetition you really do become what you do.

Is your habit of distracting yourself actually supporting you in being the kind of person you want to be?