In it for who?

Once in a while you need to ask yourself who you’re in life for.

One way of being in life is to be only in it for yourself – your security, your status, your comfort, your peace of mind.

Another way is to be in it only for those close to you – your immediate family, perhaps, and your friends.

Of you can be in life for a specific community – perhaps your organisation, or people of the same social background, same income bracket, same religion, same skin colour, same orientation to life as you.

Or perhaps you can be in life for the people who will come after you – all the generations yet to be born.

Or maybe you can even be in life for the sake of the whole of life itself.

Which of these, when you look at it, will produce the most meaningful, principled, generous, flourishing life and work? And which the smallest, most constrained, most petty, most trivial? And which one are you the midst of living right now?