Studying your life

So much of our life is unknown to us.

One way to see that this is so is to write.

Start simply. Choose materials that are inviting to use: a good pen, paper with satisfying weight and colour.

Set aside ten minutes to write every day.

Write, not to be read, but for discovering. Write without stopping, or editing, or changing anything. Keep the pen moving over the paper. Write, write, write. Write everything that comes. Leave nothing out. Change nothing.

Write what’s most surprising or uncomfortable. Write as if, for these short minutes, it is the most important, as if your life depends upon it.

And when ten minutes is up, just stop.

Over time, you’ll discover much about yourself that you never knew. You’ll spot patterns, see how much changes, and find out what’s been right in front of you but which you’d never looked close enough to see.

And in doing so, you might just open up a world of possibilities you didn’t know was there.

Image by Antonio Littero