The way you drink your coffee

It matters, the way you drink your coffee.

Snatched on the way to the train, identical cardboard cup, usual order, sipped absently: anonymous, repetitive, soothing, numbing. Just another prop to get you through the day.

Or, chosen with care and sensitivity to meet this morning’s particular mood. Conversation with the barista. Settled comfortably, in the corner that called to you. The heat of the mug warming your cupped hands. Savouring the smell of the roast, the bitter-nut taste in your mouth. Allowing memories, thoughts, plans and possibilities to stir. Emerging fresh, stirred, enlivened into the morning air.

We become what we do.

Living a life of numb repetition or awake, alive attentiveness are each available to us at each moment, in even the smallest of daily activities. I-It, or I-You.

Which are you up to today?

Photo: Justin from Lincoln Park, NJ, USA (Coffee Cup) via Wikimedia Commons