How awake to your life are you, really?

Can you tell what you’re up to, again and again? What’s actually happening in the world around you as a result?

Who you’re becoming?

And what about your responses to life, to others? What do you know about what triggers you, and from where your habitual reactions arise?

What do you know about your own courage? What supports and what diminishes it? And your love? Your despair, excitement, commitment, longing, rage, resentment and generosity?

Do you know what brings you close to others, and what pushes you further away? What opens you to the world and what hardens your defences? What cultivates truth, and what denial? And what vitalises you, brings you fully and vibrantly to life?

Without studying yourself, and studying life, you can easily sleepwalk through, awaking only when something big enough arrives to shake you out of your somnolence.

And by then, many days of life’s blazing brilliance might already have come and gone without you even noticing.