On change

We’ve been in the midst of enormous change for some time now.

Has the world ever been different from this?

Perhaps we imagine that we are the first to face such uncertainty, the undoing of so much that had seemed secure and obvious. Whichever way we turn, that which we thought we understood is being called into question. The nature of work, of money, the structure of society. Our ideas of what is of enduring value. Our relationship to technology, other human beings, our place on this planet and our impact on its future.

We wonder where all of the endless shifting and changing will end.

Perhaps whatever anxiety we feel as we consider this can become a reminder to us  that the world has always been this way. What is changing now is unique to our times. But endless change is always part of the fabric of things, no matter how hard we work to deny it.

The nature of life itself is change.

And the opportunity here – if we can seize it with courage and resoluteness – comes from our human capacity to change ourselves. It isn’t at all easy, and it requires the action of many people simultaneously. But if you doubt it’s possible, just look at how much we and the worlds we create have changed in the last generation, in the last century.

Are you working on becoming someone who can stay in the anxiety of change so that you can contribute to our collective response?

Or are you living your life in a way that obscures all this and allows you to hide from it?

Photo Credit: Massimo Margagnoni via Compfight cc