For the sake of what?

If you have the privilege and responsibility of leading others, once in a while it’s vital you ask yourself “for the sake of what am I doing this?”

Are you leading

so you can feel good about yourself?
to win people’s approval?
to show them how powerful you are?
to climb the ladder?
to hit the next quarter’s target?
to amass a fortune?
to keep your inner critic at bay?
to run away from something?
because that’s what was expected in your family?
because it’s the opposite of what was expected in your family?
because they offered you the job?
to learn about yourself? others?
to support others in living, working, providing for their loved ones?
to help people in their development?
to lessen suffering? increase it?
as an expression of love?
to open new possibilities in the world?
to lay the foundations for the generations who’ll come after you?

Each answer leads to different places.

And each answer is, day by day, shaping the life you’re leading.

Photo Credit: lecates via Compfight cc