Does the way you use technology send you to sleep or awaken you to life?

It’s not a trivial question. Despite the extraordinary life-giving capacity of the devices that surround us to liberate us, to educate us, to connect us to one another, many of us use them to numb ourselves, to soothe ourselves, to prevent us from the risky and rewarding act of being in contact with ourselves, in contact with our fears, and in contact with others.

We’ve becomeĀ enchanted. It’s not so different from the enchantments in the old fairy stories, in which a prince or princess would fall asleep to life until awakened by a kiss.

When you look back at the hours scrolling through facebook posts and cruising YouTube clips, your incessant checking of your email, the evenings carried away by whatever happened to be on TV, what will it amount to?

More importantly, does what you’re doing actually address the concerns you’re numbing yourself to by being enchanted in this way?

And what will it take for you to feel the awakening kiss that life is already and always in the midst of giving you?