Learn with me

Two posts today. This first, an opportunity to tell you about some ways you could come and learn with me in London in the coming months.

From September 9-11 I’ll be running, with my friend and colleague Clare Chandler, a three-day introduction to integral development coaching: a way of supporting others in their development that’s profound, rigorous and pragmatic. The programme’s suitable for anyone who’s interested in the development of the people around them: including organisational leaders, coaches, people who’d like to be coaches, HR professionals, doctors, teachers etc. You can find the details here.

And we’ll have a slightly trimmed down two-day version of the same programme on November 4-5.

Then in late November, we’ll be joined by James Flaherty for the start of our year-long Professional Coaching Course, also suitable for anyone who cares about the development of others and of themselves. It’s an absolutely extraordinary programme that produces people who can skilfully make a huge difference to others, and it changes lives. There’s a description and details of the programme here.

I’m looking forward to meeting some of you there.