Lazy, incompetent, distracted

When what you want so much to happen isn’t getting done, it’s all too easy to judge others.

They’re lazy, incompetent, distracted. They don’t listen.

The biggest problem with each of these responses is that they leave you with so few options for improving things. Your judgements of others get you off the hook by taking all the responsibility away from you.

Perhaps what you want to happen isn’t getting done because you’re not making skilful enough requests. So try giving up your judgements in favour of working on how effectively you ask for what you want, and how skilfully you’re able to tell what your requests are meaning to other people.

If you do this, you might just find more of what’s important to you happening. And, even better, as you drop your judgements you’ll be building deeper, stronger relationships with the people around you too.

 Photo Credit: IronRodArt – Royce Bair (“Star Shooter”) via Compfight cc