In touch with life

I know, you’re busy. You have so very much that’s important to do. And never enough time to do it all.

But when, in the midst of all of this, do you remind yourself that you’re alive? That you’re not just a machine for hitting targets, for production, for getting things done?

When do you:

look up at the sky, to take in the beauty of the clouds and sun?
gaze at the stars, allowing yourself to be swept away by their mystery?
hold your loved ones close, just for the sake of holding?
walk among trees and fields, reminding yourself of your place in the world?
allow your heart to be stirred by music, poetry, literature, film?
sit up at night doing the simple jobs of home life?
listen to your colleagues to hear the life that’s behind their work?
take in, with wide soft eyes, the magnificent complexity of your organisation?
sit quietly, nothing to do?
feel your body move, stretch, breathe?
allow yourself to be touched by life?

All of this is important, because your leadership, your creativity, and your contribution to others will be strengthened immensely by a life that allows you to live. And when you’re doing without pause, it’s so easy to forget that it’s life that’s always the source of everything you’re up to.