Finding your voice

Right now, we urgently need you to find your voice, to find a way of saying what perhaps only you can say, to show us what you can see.

Mostly we’ve been taught not to do this, in the name of appropriateness, or fitting in, or taking up the place that others have made for us.

But, as it turns out, sometimes you’re carrying the missing pieces that perfectly fit other people’s unsolved jigsaw puzzles. Or, put another way: if you leave unsaid that which could have been spoken with integrity and generosity, you’re withholding from each of us  that which we might not discover on our own.

Or, another way: sometimes what you have to say – that might seem obvious to you – can change the course of a life, or lives.

My friend and colleague James Flaherty has written eloquently about this on his blog this week. Please read it.

Photo Credit: jenny downing via Compfight cc