What if, instead of rushing headlong into everything at such speed, you committed yourself to slowing down, just a little?

Yes, even you, with so many important and urgent projects and responsibilities to take care of that you don’t have a moment even to think.

How would a 5% reduction in pace be for you?

Walk just a little slower from meeting to meeting. Pause, just a little longer, before you speak. Breathe just a couple more breaths before you answer or make that call. Sit, for just a second to two, before you switch from one task to another. Listen, just a little more attentively, and let what the other person is saying sink in, for a moment longer, before you respond.

Open up a tiny space where there was none before.

You might imagine that nothing that’s important will get done if you commit to this, such is your certainty that there’s never enough time in any case.

But you could find that your relationships with others deepen, bit by bit, as they begin to feel your quality of contact with them deepen also; that you can be more genuinely responsive; and that you react in fewer of the predictable, automatic, indiscriminate ways that have become your habit over the years.

And you might discover that slowing down so you can be present to yourself and others actually makes it possible for you to get to more of what you really care about, rather than less.

Photo Credit: Tim Donnelly (TimboDon) via Compfight cc