Just fine

Which is more courageous?

Pretending you’re fine all the time, and that nothing can touch you.

Or showing people that you’re human – that you feel shame, anxiety, grief, boredom, rage and sadness as well as joy, hope, excitement and confidence?

And which is more likely to bring out the vibrant, compassionate, creative humanity in the people around you?

Pretending you’re fine denies you the opportunity to reach out for help, and denies others the opportunity of giving it to you. And because you’re revealing so little of yourself, it also denies the people around the opportunity to see that everything they’re experiencing is is not so unusual, not so personal as it seems, because you’re experiencing it too.

And, mostly, it denies you the possibility of connecting with the people around you, surely among the most important work if you’re a leader, a partner, a parent or a friend.

Photo Credit: dsevilla via Compfight cc