Where do you go when you’re in difficulty?

Four directions in which you might go when you experience difficulty:

fret about it all (looping in worry and inner chatter)
lose heart (there’s nothing that can be done)
blame yourself for messing things up
numb or soothe yourself (for example with the soft glow of a screen)

and then, for each, further inner-criticism and self-judgement looms as a possibility:

“I always end up this way. I’m doomed to repeat this pattern again and again”.

This self-judgement keeps you in a very tight spiral of blame and criticism in which there’s little room to move.

What if, instead, you accept that your way of responding to difficulty is just how you are? Then, instead of fighting with yourself every time, you can smile at yourself a little for being human, and for being imperfect.

And you’ll open up a little breathing space between your difficulty and your reaction, from within which it’s possible to learn to respond with wisdom rather than with resignation.

Photo Credit: johnno_oz via Compfight cc