Stepping in

For all of us who find ourselves pausing on the brink of stepping in…

For those of us who, finding that we’re called to take on a responsibility that we’re not ready for, hold back…

For each of us who, sensing that there’s something important we must do, imagine we’ll never be ready…

… a reminder from Katagiri Roshi, a great teacher in the Soto Zen tradition:

The time will never come that you will reach your idea of maturity.

It is an endless process.

So, whether you feel qualified or not, all you have to do is accept what’s in front of you and do your best with whole-heartedness.

Make every possible effort to meet the position with modesty and humility.

The position is of a bigger scale than the person you take yourself to be. So set yourself out in the big scale of the world. Before you are conscious of it, your life is deepened by the position.

And in that way you will develop, very naturally.

Set yourself out in the big scale of the world. Find yourself deepened by the possibility you’re stepping into. Know that this is the way you’ll develop, and that it will be the most natural thing in the world.

As natural as, and very different to, all the ways you’re waiting.

Photo Credit: seyed mostafa zamani via Compfight cc