To blame just for having one

One of the sneakiest ways your inner-critic might keep itself in play is to mount an attack on you for having an inner-critic in the first place.

‘You must really have messed up if you’ve got me‘ it says. ‘Now, buckle down and get yourself in line, because you certainly deserve to be stuck with me now’.

But the critic – the internalised and often distorted voice of all those who cared for you when you were young and needed to teach you how to stay in line – is common to all human beings. It is most certainly did not come from anything you did wrong. It is not proof of your brokenness.

As you find out that you are not your inner-critic, and it is not you, it will mount more and more wily and desperate schemes to keep you listening.

This is where great kindness to yourself is called for, as you weather what are, after all, attacks on your self-hood, attacks on your wholeheartedness, attacks on your growing capacity to express what is true.

Kindness, and persistence, and faith, and love.

Hang on in there. We’re all rooting for you.

Photo Credit: Alexandre Duarte via Compfight cc