Could you live there?

A question to those who are leaders or in positions of authority:

If your organisation was a town or city would you want to live there?

Could you tolerate what you’re apparently prepared to tolerate at work?

Could you live with neighbours who treat each other the way people at work treat each other?

Be such a neighbour yourself?

Could you?

And for those whose answer is ‘no’:

Can you see that your organisation is inescapably a part of society, shaping the world we all get to live in? That in this way it’s much more like a town than it appears? That you’re actively involved in creating it?

That you’re living there already?

Can you see that our world is affected when you allow or participate in manipulation and self-justification?… when you allow fear to stop people from telling the truth?… and when you don’t tell the truth yourself?… when you hold so much of yourself back?… and support others in doing the same?… when you treat people as resources rather than as human beings?… when you pretend everything is ok when it’s not?… when you fail to speak out about what you see?

Or have you convinced yourself that the way you lead your organisation has no consequence for your own life or for the rest of us?

Photo Credit: Pensiero via Compfight cc

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