All life

It’s easy to relate to life as if you’re separate from it. As if life is something that happens to you or as if it’s possible to reach out and manage life from a distance.

Isn’t that mostly how we experience ourselves?

But if you look for a while, you may discover that there’s no separation at all. That you are life, and life is you.

How could it be otherwise? The body we each take to be our own is made up of trillions of cells, each bequeathed to us by a history that stretches back through millennia to the first single-celled creatures. Its structure, from the microscopic to the organisation of bones, muscles, organs is shared with billions of others living alongside us, and tens of billions more share aspects of it – eyes, hearts, blood, nerves, brains, cellular processes, hormones, enzymes. And all of that arises from the elements available on the planet we all inhabit and from the energetic processes made possible by the light and warmth of the sun.

Where we each take ourselves to end – at the surface of our skin, perhaps – is not where life ends, at all.

Given all of this, how could you possibly be separate from life?

You are life or, put another way, the way that life is expressing itself right now.

Or, you’re the way life lives itself.

And, given this, perhaps you can give up fighting for a while, and instead wonder at a world in which we get to be all of this, without having to ask or do anything to earn it.

Photo Credit: Patrick Hoesly via Compfight cc

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