Getting soaked

If you want things to change in your relationship with others, it’s no good just wishing for it.

You’re going to have to change: first changing your story about the situation (everything you think you’re sure about, especially who’s to blame and why you’re so stuck), and then you’re going to have to change your practices: the actions you’re taking that are keeping you just the way you are, so that others stay as they are.

Wishing that other people will change without you doing this is like going out in the rain without an umbrella and hoping against hope that you won’t get wet.

If you want others to join you, you’re going to have to commit to being someone who can be joined rather than one who puts up barriers and obstacles along the way. And you’re going to have to give up being someone who waits to be found, but reaches out actively to find others and draw them close.

Like I said, if you want to change your relationship with others, it’s no good just wishing for it. Because if you do, you’re going to carry on getting soaked.

Photo Credit: VinothChandar via Compfight cc