Not machines

Organisations are not machines that can be programmed.

Because people are not machines either.

People are human beings. 

A radical perspective, I know, in a world where we’ve spent the last 150 years doing our best to have people fit in as if they were cogs or crankshafts in a huge mechanism.

Our insistence on seeing ourselves as machines makes organising ourselves look easier, but comes at a huge cost. Either we ignore what’s spontaneous, mysterious and creative about people in order to see only what fits the narrow way we’ve committed ourselves to seeing. Or we corral people into leaving parts of themselves out so they can appear to be the tightly defined machine part we’ve insisted they be.

Wouldn’t understanding ourselves as human, and our organisations as living, bring us a more truthful, challenging, possibility-laden, and creative way to respond to the urgency of organising ourselves so that good work can happen?

Photo Credit: David H-W (Extrajection) via Compfight cc

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