Brought to life

Somehow, many of us have allowed ourselves to believe that the mark of professional, business-like conversation – the kind we’re apparently meant to have in our organisations – is that it should bore us to tears.

Too much aliveness, too much spontaneity, too much that’s genuine, too much feeling has us shut ourselves and others down.

As long as we can speak in business-speak, preferably with bullet-points, we feel safe. Because then we’re dead to ourselves and one another, which saves us from all risk, of course.

In this wonderful talk, Benjamin Zander reminds us that one of the primary human responsibilities is to bring ourselves and others to life. And you can tell quite easily if you’re doing that by looking for the moments when people’s eyes shine.

If you’re speaking or listening in a way that has your eyes or other people’s eyes glaze over, you’re contributing to our collective deadness.

Please stop it, now, and do something else instead.

Photo Credit: teobonjour – via Compfight cc

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