Don’t believe everything you think

We so often believe the stories we tell as if they’re unquestionably true.

But however convinced you are about the story you’re telling – about anything – it can only ever be partial.

For a start, there are so many other ways of seeing, so many other places to stand. Just ask a few people who saw the same traffic accident, for example, to get a sense of how differently each person observes a single event.

And secondly, your telling will inevitably be just one interpretation. You’ll privilege certain voices and characters, and omit others. Some people will have a voice in your version, and others will be forgotten completely. Your account captures a particular viewpoint and particular choices about what’s important, among an infinity of alternatives.

The story itself is bigger than any retelling you can muster.

All of this is the case however certain you are that your way is the only way to tell it.

Even if the story is the one you’re telling about yourself.

Photo Credit: notsogoodphotography via Compfight cc

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