How much room is there in your life for silence? 

For sitting quietly, silently, and just being with whatever it is that is there?

Most of us live lives constructed to prevent any possibility of this happening. We’ve lost the capacity to be genuinely still, and we don’t have practices for quiet reflection.

We’re fearful of what we might experience if we truly allowed ourselves to know ourselves and our inner worlds.

But in silence, we can meet ourselves and life in a new, and perhaps more truthful way. Instead of spinning off in busy activity and in distraction, a few daily minutes of quiet watching can show us the condition of our lives, and invite us into a different, deeper kind of presence in the world.

In connecting with ourselves more deeply, we can connect with others more deeply too.

A vital capacity for leading, and for living.

Photo Credit: ZedZaP .. via Compfight cc

1 thought on “Silence

  1. Thanks for this post. It reminds me of a story of Jung when he counseled a young disillusioned minister. Jung recommended that he spend at least an hour a day alone and in silence. At the next session, Jung asked for a report. The young man reported that silence and doing nothing felt like a waste of time. He had spent the time reading and listening to music. “If you cannot spend time with yourself, how can you expect others to find your presence edifying?”

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