Stand for a while, in a field, on the banks of a slow-moving river, beside the silent pulse of a huge tree. Allow yourself to feel, for a moment, the life that is all around you.

Worms and insects are working their magic in the soft soil beneath your feet. Birds, making their way home as dusk falls. Everything alive, breathing, just as you are.

The swifts crossing the horizon share their biology with you: DNA, cells, blood, hearts, eyes, brain. That dry stone wall, a common inheritance: molecules, atoms. Sustaining it all, the sun, even now dropping below the horizon.

No matter how busy you are, how important, how much you enchant yourself with demands and expectations. Even if you spend your days under the hum of electric lights, your nights hidden away in the darkness. No matter how weary, world-worn, distracted, lost.¬†Nothing you’re seeing is as separate from you as you’ve come to believe.

Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim via Compfight cc

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