Running away

How many of your decisions and plans are attempts to avoid one of three primal emotions – fear, anger or shame?

How much of your way of relating to others is part of the same strategy?

And perhaps even what you call your ‘leadership style’?

We often kid ourselves that we’re exercising rational, conscious choice in each of these, when in fact we’re running as hard as we can from experiences we never wish to have again.

And how different is a life lived or work done on the run, from a life lived or work done out of love?

Photo Credit: darkmatter via Compfight cc

1 thought on “Running away

  1. Yep!! Truth be known I can run away a LOT!!! Takes time to become aware and to stand and turn back. It is also scary to notice how rational I can sound about my reasons for running. Courage is about being scared and brave at the same time – work in progress to pracice more courage.

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