We spend the first part of our lives folding ourselves into the shape made available for us by our culture, our family and, later, our work.

How else could it be?

We are born with so many forms available to us, yet we must find ways of being understood and met by those around us so that we can survive and hopefully thrive. Even our rebellions are mostly a means of finding some way, some place where we can belong.

But if we live long enough, we might gradually start to feel the constraints of our own folding-up. We catch a glimpse of a bigger freedom that’s been there all along but which, so far, has been necessarily denied to us. And we begin so see how much of ourselves is unknown.

We’re mostly not taught what an opportunity is there, in the longing and uncertainty, the doubt and confusion, in the sense of being lost.

Feeling that something is wrong, we turn away into distractions – a new job, a new relationship, possessions. But if we’re lucky enough at this threshold to find people who can help us and be alongside us – friends, family, teachers – or circumstances that invite it, at last we can begin to unfold again.

At last, an opportunity to give up on all you’re sure about and discover a new way of being in life.

Who knows what or who, even now, you might become?

Photo Credit: jenny downing via Compfight cc

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