Nine mistakes

Nine common stories about what’s not allowed to you:

You’re not supposed to make mistakes

You’re not supposed have your own needs (others can have theirs)

You’re not supposed to be yourself (so pretend to be something you’re not)

You’re not supposed to be too happy (something’s going wrong if you are)

You’re not supposed to feel too comfortable

You’re not supposed to depend upon anyone else

You’re not supposed to be vulnerable or to trust anyone

You’re not supposed to assert yourself (so do always what others want of you)

You carry your own story about this around with you, quietly, telling no-one.

It seems so real.

It shapes your actions, your thinking, your relationship with others.

You decide what to do from inside it, and think your decisions are grounded in truth.

You lead from it, raise your family from it, work from it.

And each story hides so much from you.

Which of these stories about yourself is most familiar to you?

And can you be sure, really sure, that it’s true?

Photo Credit: Caro Wallis via Compfight cc

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