I’m rediscovering the joy of working with physical materials instead of computers. The experience of creating or writing with high quality pens and paper is so different from working with a screen and keyboard. I’m more present in the work, my creativity flows from me with less inhibition and more immediacy, and I can lose myself in the feel of making something new with my hands.

For years I’ve forgotten that I’m a pen and paper person. I’m slowly remembering myself again.

And so here, instead of the typed word, is a written and drawn exploration of the nature of harmony in organisations – the mistakes we make, and what might become possible as we become more genuine and brave with one another.

In particular, it seems, harmony in its fullest form is nothing like ‘niceness’ or ‘calm’ or ‘synchronisation’. Those are oppressive, stifling forms of uniformity, which itself is constrained and lifeless. Instead how about the possibility of bringing together difference and unpredictability, and being spacious enough to hold the inevitable riot of conflict, togetherness and creativity that emerges?

More ideas in the image – with drawings inspired by the work of Dave McKean. Click to see it in its fullness.

Photo Credit: Andreas-photography via Compfight cc

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