Living your own life

“In the end, we need to feel that the life we lived was our life, not someone else’s, that it was chosen rather simply our following the instructions on the box, and that we stood in a respectful relationship to that which is larger than ordinary comforts and provided a deep sense of meaning, of satisfaction, and reciprocity. Then it may be said that we have really been here, living the life we were meant to live. The task, and the path we take in addressing it, will be different for each of us, but that is the gift we are asked to share, the gift of our separate selves.”

Beautiful, important words from James Hollis, who has written insightfully about what it takes to live a life that matters, to ourselves and the people around us.

For today, no more than that, and a link to the full article – essential reading if you’re asking big questions about what your life may be for, beyond getting what you want.

The book of his I’ve been most enjoying reading recently is Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life: How to Finally, Really Grow Up.  It’s beautiful, profound, clear and practical, filled with wisdom for any of us who’ve woken up with the realisation that in all likelihood more than half of life is done already: when life starts saying ‘this is it – time to turn towards living while you still have the chance’.

Photo Credit: Ennor via Compfight cc

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