Four truths

Three truths that you might be hiding from yourself:

  • You will grow old.
  • You will at some point, inevitably, get ill.
  • You, and all of us, will die – as do all our projects, our creations, and even, over time, all that which we thought would be our ‘legacy’.

Nobody escapes this. No balm, no cream, no status, no wishful thinking, no protestation of the unfairness of all of this will make a bit of difference. It is simply the way of the world.

You can run away from this realisation for only so long. And then you have to choose – will you turn towards life because of it, or away?

Because the fourth truth is simple:

  • Right now, you are alive.

What kind of life, leadership, relationship, work is produced from your turning away?

And what kind of life, what kind of leadership – what sort of fierce, practical loving-kindness – might be produced from living in the full knowledge that these four are the case, inevitably, for every single one of us?

Photo Credit: Sergey Sus via Compfight cc

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