Extravagant Purpose

A life of extravagant purpose, a grandiose mission to ‘change the world’ and ‘leave a legacy’

~ or ~

Genuinely touching the life of each person you meet with truth, kindness and simplicity?

Many people in apparently mundane roles change the lives of people they encounter simply by being generous enough and available enough to make genuine, heartfelt contact, person by person, in their work, in their family, on the street.

Many in supposedly powerful roles hardly leave a mark.

The repair of our world is mostly made in small, close in, contributions. The kindness and truthfulness that touches one person, lightening their load or reducing their suffering, has them make an impact on others’ lives, and on the chain of lives they touch in turn.

Don’t underestimate the significance of ordinary lives lived consciously and whole-heartedly.

They really can change the world.

Photograph by Kate Atkinson

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