What others are to you…

What’s your understanding about what other people are?

A way of getting what you want?
A nuisance, an irritant?
To be battled and ultimately overcome?
A source of comparison – always better, or worse, than you?
To be kept-up with?
Machines for production?
A bundle of behaviours to be changed?
A supply for your self-esteem?
Mysterious, inviting wonders?

Which interpretation you choose (and you’re always choosing one, even if it was handed to you by your culture or your family) powerfully shapes

What’s possible for you and for them
What kind of relationships are possible

If you look closely at yourself, can you tell which your understanding is?
And if it’s producing the kind of life and work you’re really intending?

Photo Credit: ch.weidinger via Compfight cc

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