Keeping it going

When you’re in trouble do you have familiar, fixed, repetitive ways of responding?

Perhaps you depend on your thoughts – thinking it through until you have a solution. Or do you look for a system or process that will help – a tip, technique, tool, app or book that will address your concerns?

Maybe you rarely ask for help, depending upon yourself alone to sort things out.

Or perhaps you systematically discount your own strength and resourceful-ness, asking others in the hope that someone else will have the answer.

Is what you’re doing most often actually helping you?

Perhaps it’s time to turn towards other possibilities – starting with different choices from the list above.

Or take up an option that’s less familiar:

Shifting your body – running, walking, sitting quietly, meditating, dancing, writing, painting – to see what fresh perspectives arise

Paying attention to place – going somewhere that inspires you and which gives you new ways of seeing – a wood, a cathedral, a lake, a quiet place in your home, a museum, a gallery

Workplaces and organisations have preferences for all of this too. When there’s a problem we arrange a meeting, or have an away-day, or leave people to think it through by themselves. Sometimes resolving a difficulty successfully in a system with preferences requires stepping well outside of what’s considered ‘normal’ or ‘appropriate’ where you are.

Can you see how always trying to do more of what you’re already doing (more thinking, more asking people, more searching for a fix) might be exactly how you keep your problems going?

Photo Credit: Magdalena Roeseler via Compfight cc

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