Not like you

When you’re repeatedly irritated by someone – on your team, in your family – perhaps you could try to discover what you’re really judging them for.

It may not be quite what you think.

On close inspection perhaps you’ll see that you are irritated, not because they are irritating, but because they are not like you in the ways you wish them to be.

not as calm as you
not as lively as you
not as rational as you
not as emotional as you
not as logical as you
not as prepared as you
not as forceful as you
not as gentle as you
not as fast as you
not as timely as you
not as controlled as you
not as realistic as you
not as creative as you

Your irritation is a way you try to make them just the same as you are.

It can’t work out the way you’re hoping it will.

And so much becomes possible if you’ll entertain the possibility that what they need to be is not like you at all… but just like themselves.

Photo Credit: Colin_Eric via Compfight cc

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