Fourteen questions about meetings


While we’re talking about meetings, are you organising your meetings

So you can look good?
So you’ll feel needed?
Because you think you should?
Because it’s what everyone else does?

Are you paying any attention at all to

Whether they’re effective for achieving what you intend?
Whether you actually know what you’re intending?
Whether people feel alive, connected, and able to contribute?
The shifts in mood, engagement, and authenticity as the meeting unfolds?
Whether your meeting actually helps people talk about what’s true and important?
Whether you and everyone else are just marking time?

And if you’re invitated to join a meeting do you

Speak to the organisers to determine what they’re intending?
Find out what your contribution could be before you say yes?
See if there’s a more effective way for you to contribute than just turning up?
Ever say ‘no’?

There are a million ways to communicate information, make a decision, come up with a new idea, learn from others, make a discovery. And just because endless meetings are what you do, it doesn’t mean for a moment that they’re the best way to have any of this come about.

Photo Credit: sjrankin via Compfight cc

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