Maybe your thoughts

Maybe your thoughts turn quickly to standards, checking always if you are good enough, and if you’re right.

Or maybe your thoughts turn to how you can help, and how you’re probably letting people down already.

Maybe your thoughts turn to what’s been achieved, discounting anything that’s not doing or producing.

Or maybe they turn towards the particular sadness you’re feeling.

Maybe your thoughts go on and on, ever deeper into the intricacies of whatever your attention has settled upon.

Or maybe you’re scanning the situation for all that is dangerous and a cause for fear.

Maybe your thoughts leap ahead into the future, away from now, and into the many possibilities you can see. Maybe they’re looking for all the ways you can be in control of things once again.

Or maybe they’re discounting all that is troublesome and difficult, reassuring you and soothing you with stories about what is good and hopeful.

Whichever of these is most familiar to you, maybe it’s just a habit of thinking that’s become invisible because of its familiarity.

And maybe you’ve taken your own familiar thoughts, which are only one way of understanding your life, to be the one and only the truth.

Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

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