What the world is calling for…

My secret project (see yesterday’s post) – being seen as good.

Yours? The way you secretly try to have people see you?

as having integrity?
as being lovable?
as successful?
as special?
as serious and super-intelligent?
as loyal and committed?
as playful, fun, lively?
as strong and in control?

And what happens when you don’t get seen the way you demand?

Do you collapse? Sulk? Rage? Get ashamed? Tune-out? Get distracted? Make judgements? Blame yourself? Blame them?

How does all of this effect the people around you? Your colleagues? Your family?

There’s enormous freedom in finding out that your project is well past its due-date. And that what the world is calling for is not your act but your humanity.

Photo Credit: Ayertosco via Compfight cc

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