Cutting through

An experiment, particularly for the hardest, most frightening, most uncertain and doubtful times:

Spend a day with entirely opposite explanations to those you’re most used to.

For example –

She’s clearly out to get me becomes She’s doing her best to help.

Everything is falling apart becomes Things are just as they should be.

I’ll never be able to do this becomes It’s right within my grasp.

I’m such a fraud / loser / mess becomes I’m perfect as I am.

There’s no hope becomes Everything is right on track.

and also

We’re on to a winner becomes We’ve wildly misunderstood everything about success in this situation.

If you’ll do this seriously, you may find at least a couple of things. First, that what seemed so certain about yourself, others and  your situation is in large part simply something you concluded but which you cannot know for sure. Secondly, that there are many more options for action available to you than you had ever imagined.

So think the opposite for a while, and consider what actions and experiments might come from it. It can be a powerful way of cutting through the invisible stories that are binding you so tightly.

Photo Credit: Black Scratchy Lines via Compfight cc

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