Chicken and Egg

What you read, watch, and listen to
Who you speak with, and what about
What you repeatedly choose to do and not do

All of these shaping you into the kind of person you are.

You’re being made by your actions and what you give attention to.

It’s easy to think that because you are a particular way you’re doing what you obviously must do. But this misses that what you’re doing shapes who you are too. So it’s not only that you do what a person like you does, but that you become the kind of person who does what you do.

This can be revelatory when you find yourself stuck in a situation that feels constraining.

Are you unsupported because people are untrustworthy? Or are you becoming someone who does not trust because you’re not trusting?

Are you resentful that others seem to keep such distance from you? Or are others keeping distance because of your resentment?

And are you busy and rushed because you have so much to do?

Or have you become someone who has so much to do because of the way you insist on busying and rushing all the time?

Photo Credit: bitzcelt via Compfight cc

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