Us and Them

It seems so obvious that the ‘us and them’ you’re experiencing in your organisation is really down to ‘them’.

If only they’d

grow up
see some sense
drop their cynicism
stop imagining things
actually listen

But something can begin to shift when you understand that in order for them to carry on being ‘them’ you have to actively be carrying on being ‘us’.

By looking at all the ways you are involved in keeping things going as they are (even the label ‘them’ is probably part of it) you’ll open up possibilities that weren’t there before.

What if you got as serious about growing up, seeing sense, dropping cynicism, stopping imagining things and actually listening as you demand of them?

You might even find out that beyond your story of ‘us and them’, you’re much more alike than you ever knew.

Photo Credit: ecstaticist via Compfight cc

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