Ten ways to avoid learning

Ten skilful ways to avoid any learning that really matters:

  1. Demanding that you know what you’ll learn before you begin
  2. Fitting what you’re learning into existing categories and classifications
  3. Scepticism – the mood of “I’ll only engage when you prove the worth of this”
  4. Cynicism – the mood of “I’ve seen it all before, and it doesn’t amount to much”
  5. Insisting that you like it – that nothing troubles, upsets or confuses you
  6. Insisting that you understand every step as you go
  7. Forcing it to fit your schedule instead of giving it due time
  8. Demanding immediate results and obvious ‘takeaways’
  9. Trying to look good, or expert, or knowledgable
  10. Forgetting to play

How many of these are already the taken-for-granted practices of your workplace? Of your personal life? With what consequence?

And are you willing to do the risky and important work of standing up to any of them?

Photo Credit: Daniel Kulinski via Compfight cc

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