How to look at others

Can you allow yourself, for a while, to look for what you’re grateful for about others?

It’s such an easy habit, perhaps supported quite powerfully by your own inner-criticto keep on looking for all the ways in which people are disappointing, hurtful, irritating, obstructing, confusing and frustrating to you. You may not even quite realise that you’re doing this – how your background mood has quietly become one of scepticism or cynicism or despair.

So perhaps you could take up the practice of looking truthfully for a while in a different direction: at what you can be genuinely grateful for in each person, however small.

Write it down. Make a list. A long, ever-growing list of what you come to see.

The point of this is not to blind yourself to your difficulties or frustrations but to open your eyes to a wider kind of horizon than is available to you now; to bring about new kinds of possibilities, conversations and relationship with all the people who, right now, you can only see as obstacles to your intentions; and to find how out they might be supporting you and taking care of what matters to you in many more ways than you can currently see.

Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc


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