Of Value

The danger of expectations is that the value of an experience, a meeting, a project, a course, or a relationship collapses into something really quite shallow. Value becomes, simply, the extent to which your expectations were met, or not.

By holding tightly onto expectations you are, before an event even happens, squeezing it into a frame that you’ve created. ‘That day together was no good’ may simply mean it didn’t match the way you’d imagined it.

Instead, how about entering into an experience or relationship with sincere intent? Orient yourself towards what you intend to bring, or a way you intend to be.

When you bring yourself with a whole heart, with generosity, with the intention to contribute, or be true, or to listen deeply – without attachment to the outcome – you allow the experience or relationship to be what it is.

And you give yourself and others the chance to discover that, surprisingly, what’s genuinely of value often arrives in ways quite different from what you were expecting.

Photo Credit: Pulpolux !!! via Compfight cc

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