This moment

Every moment – each second, each breath – is both an end and a beginning.

At each moment what is done is done. The present dies into the past, never to return.

And at each moment something new is born. The future, born into the present. A moment, like every moment, in which anything could happen.

Perhaps you wait until a new year, an anniversary, or a birthday before you recognise this, before you wake up to the endless cycle of death and birth, ending and beginning in your life.

Or perhaps you catch a glimpse, sometimes, that every moment is such a moment, filled with the possibility of choice and responsibility, of waking up to life or of going to sleep to yourself again.

What kind of moment will you make this moment? One of turning back into your life, or one of turning away?

And what will you do, what regular practices or habits or reminders could you take up, that will wake you up to the endless aliveness of your one and only life?

Photo Credit: Nelson Lourenço via Compfight cc

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