Just One Day


What if for just one day

… you speak and listen, with singular attention, to the people closest to you.

… you reflect deeply on your life – what you’re aiming towards, what has you forget it, what brings you back to yourself.

… you pay attention to the finitude of your life – that it will, one day and who knows when, end.

… you begin a new practice that’s been important to you – learning something for the first time, writing, creating something that matters.

… you ask yourself the big questions you’ve been avoiding for so long.

… you put aside all your daily distractions and see what it’s like to fully inhabit your life.

What if, instead of living an endless stream of days with the same routine you took one day to do one of these?

What if it led to another, and in time, another?

What would it change, do you think, in your relationships, in your work, and in choices you make?

Photo Credit: flyzipper via Compfight cc

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