All the dead ends

All the dead ends, the missed opportunities, the failings, the distractions – yes, these could be proof of your inadequacy. Yes, you could be right that your judgement is poor, you’ve missed your moment, and that it’s time to accept you’ll never be somebody.

But perhaps you could allow yourself to consider another possibility – that the life you think you’re meant to be living is not your life at all. That the dead ends, the missed opportunities, the failings and the distractions were all what it took to get you exactly here, right where you’re supposed to be. That your definitions of what it is to be somebody are only your definitions, not an enduring truth about what it is to be of value. And that what you’re here to do is really not yours to decide, but to listen for.

The world is whispering its call to you always.

When will you give up your pursuit of somebody else’s life, the life that never was nor could be, and turn towards the life that only you have been given and that only you can live?

Photo Credit: Magdalena Roeseler via Compfight cc

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