Feet and Hearts

It’s easy to be afraid.

There is, after all, so much to be afraid about – for all of us.

So much to lose.

We walk our lives, afraid and hiding it, looking strong, looking good, denying how lost we can feel. We pretend we’re not afraid because we can’t imagine that anyone else could be quite as scared as we are. And because we have no idea where to look for support.

But what about our feet, that carry us through a million more steps in each year of our life? The simple everydayness of feet, bestowed upon us by generations of ancestors we never knew. They support us. Perhaps when we’re most scared we could simply, with humility, be thankful for our feet.

And our hearts, pumping the blood that keeps us alive, beating some 100,000 times per day, tens of millions of beats a year, billions in a lifetime. We did nothing – nothing at all – to receive our hearts. They are a gift to us from life itself, the legacy that stretches back more than 520 million years (to Fuxianhuia protensa, the earliest known creature with a cardiovascular system) and beyond.

Perhaps when we’re feeling afraid and lost we can, in a very simple and straightforward way, turn our attention and gratitude to our feet and our hearts. And from there, wonder at everything else we’ve been given that supports us without us even having to do anything, moment to moment in the chaotic, uncertain, always provisional circumstances of our very human lives.

Photo Credit: aussiegall via Compfight cc

3 thoughts on “Feet and Hearts

  1. Wow so inspirational, and beautifully written!! I completely agree with you, i think fear is part of life and we just simply have to turn our attention to something else and try to enjoy life!!

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