Finding joy in a messy life

It’s so easy to fear and despair, and to self-judge, when the world seems so obviously and continuously to fall short of your expectations:

  • when it’s so hard to bring things about
  • when accidents of timing or geography make some paths impossible and you catch on to all the could-have-beens and never-would-have-beens
  • when people are unpredictable and unknowable
  • when things fall apart
  • when you make mistakes, and when others do
  • when the world is so hard to understand
  • when projects and plans fail
  • when things get scary and unpredictable
  • when the sweep of world events is so much bigger than you
  • when you’re filled with a longing that does not seem to be fulfilled
  • when you don’t quite know who you are

It’s a mess. And no amount of effort seems to make the world less messy.

But, perhaps, it might gradually be possible to see that you could love this sacred, unchangeably messy life with all of its inevitable disappointment. And that it is possible to cultivate joy – that the very mess that it is exists at all. And wonder, and amazement – at the miracle that you’re here to be in it, to witness it, and to contribute in whatever way, however incomplete, that you can.

Photo Credit: bytheorion via Compfight cc

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